Company Information

Audigence works with clients on Operational Process solutions to reduce the financial risks and costs associated with compliance and organization inefficiencies. For twenty years we have worked with clients across many industries.

About Us

Our Team consists of experienced financial professionals with a track record of successful projects.

Audit and SOX consultants have worked on numerous compliance projects, and assisted clients in an effective and efficient design of new processes and controls.

Audigence Profile

Audigence helps clients transform inefficient and costly business processes into automated and reliable systems. We provide a variety of solutions based on industry best practices for technology and finance organizations. Organizations of different sizes from large Fortune 500 firms to small and medium sized companies face different challenges and need solutions specific to the needs of their businesses. It is important to partner with an organization that can provide expert advice or opinions, has the skill or knowledge of your particular industry and the proven expertise needed for your unique requirements. Our team of professionals is ready to architect, develop, implement and support solutions that help streamline your organization.

Audigence has experience with:
  • Franchise Royalty Fee and Sales Audits
  • Targeted Selection and Sales Data Analysis
  • Fraud Scheme Identification
  • Compliance Assessment and Review
  • Franchise Owner Best Practice Assessment
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and Internal Audit

Grant Thornton LLP acquires Audigence

In January 2012, Grant Thornton LLP acquired the industry leading Franchise Royalty Audit practice of Audigence. Sheryl Cassity, former Audigence owner and president, comes to Grant Thornton LLP with more than 20 years of franchise royalty fee and sales audit experience.

Franchises lose million of dollars of revenue each year through underreported sales, mismanaged advertising programs and other operational inefficiencies. Grant Thornton's franchise compliance assessment services address the main causes of franchisee noncompliance so that organizations can tackle the problem at its root. Grant Thornton customizes cost-effective and collaborative solutions designed to help franchises minimize exposure to underreported sales, lost advertising dollars, employee theft, sales tax and income tax noncompliance while strengthening brand protection and their relationships with franchise owners.

Why Grant Thornton?
Serving public and private companies in a broad range or industries, Grant Thornton takes a risk-based approach to franchise compliance assessment services. We go beyond traditional testing and verification techniques to help clients add tangible value to their operations. Our targeted approach provides strategic solutions for today's competitive franchise market; we have observed our clients experiencing compelling ROI.

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